“Highly Recommend”

“If anyone is looking for a good agent to work for you supplying real time market estimates of particular properties for a specific purchase price of your concern Christina is the type of agent your looking for very conscious of area of buyer’s concerns. The Duncan Home Team guides you down a pathway that’s realistic when purchasing a home. Very friendly open minded to your suggestions and or immediate changes if warranted. The agent points out possible errant decision making that can cost thousand of extra dollars not necessary to spend. Yes, I would recommend this team for anyone who’s looking to buy a home under friendly conditions a team that I valued who are trust worthy while trying to help you the home buyer get your “bang” for your buck “The Duncan Home Team” from REMAX are a better choice they really get the job done . Hey they got me and my wife through a short sale scenario that normally takes along time got us through in record time 6 months successfully cleared to close outstanding. I Julius Hollis Jr. highly recommend Christina Duncan real-estate agent “The Duncan Home Team” they’ll assist you to make the right choices in purchasing your new home in a timely manner until the day comes and you the purchaser hears these words cleared to close.Thanks”

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