NTN Link

The National Tenant Network (NTN) is a consumer reporting agency that assembles and evaluates consumer information for the purpose of residential screening. As part of this process the following will be evaluated:-
  • Tenant Performance including any evictions
  • National Retail Credit Report
  • Criminal Background Check
 Click Here to start your NTN Application.

There is a $35 application fee (per applicant) at the end of the process and you will also be asked to provide the following documents:-
  • Drivers License
  • Pay Stubs or other documentation verifying income  
Please be sure to email these to DHT@DuncanHomeTeam.com 
Note: All co-applicants must be included in the application process. You will be asked to provide their full name and email address, they will immediately receive a separate link to submit their information. Once the primary applicant adds the names and emails of ALL co-applicants, and the primary paid and completed their application ALL provided emails will be sent an email to complete their application individually. This email will say “YOU HAVE BEEN INVITED TO FILL OUT THE APPLICATION FOR PROPERTY ADDRESS.” ONLY THE PRIMARY APPLICANT IS TO CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW. ALL CO-APPLICANTS MUST BE INVITED BY THE PRIMARY APPLICANT. Failure to follow this procedure will cause a delay in processing your application.
If at any time through this process you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your agent directly.